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Patchouli Oil
2017-02-22Patchouli Oil

Patchouli Oil Botany: Patchouli (Pogostemon     cablin (Blanco) Benth; also patchouly orpachouli) is a species from the     genus Pogostemon and a bushy herb of the mint family, with erect stems,     reaching two or three feet (about 0.75 metre) in height and bearing small     pale pink-white flowers. The plant is native to tropical regions of Asia     and is now extensively cultivated in Caribbean countries,     China,India,Thailand,Indonesia,Malaysia,Mauritius,Philippines,West Africa and     Vietnam. The mainly production area in China is Zhangjiang, Guangdong      Province and     surrounding area. In 1990’s,   &...

Schisandra Fruit Oil
2017-02-22Schisandra Fruit Oil

Schisandra Fruit Oil Fructus Schisandrae, the fruit of Schisandra chinensis     (Turcz), Baillon, or Wu-Wei-Zi, transliterally meaning “the fruit of five     tastes” in Chinese, Indeed, its flavour is unique, including sweet, salty,     sour, bitter, and spicy, is a commonly used tonic herb in traditional     Chinese medicine, particularly for the treatment of liver ailments. Latin Name: Schisandra     chinensis Extract Method: By supercritical CO2 extraction. Appearance: It's clear yellow liquid, characteristic odor. Specification: 2% γ-Schisandrin (HPLC) MW: 400.46g/mol     | MF: C23H28O6 CAS No.: 61281-37-6, 64121-95-...


Paeonol Latin Name: Paeonia     suffruticosa Extract method: by     supercritical CO2 extraction    Active Ingredient: Paeonol Appearance:   light yellow to white crystal Specification:  Paeonol 99% Molecular Structure: MF: C9H10O3 Applications: Clear away heat and cool     blood. Broad antibiosis, Inhibit     bacteria growth. Anti-inflammation and stop     pain. Activate blood circulation     to dissipate blood stasis. Treat boils and     detoxicate. Lower blood pressure. Broad antibiosis, Inhibit     bacteria growth

Evening Primrose Oil
2017-02-22Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil Botany: Oenothera biennis (Common evening primrose or Evening star)     is a species of Oenothera native to eastern and central North America,     from New found land west to Alberta , southeast to Florida, and southwest to Texas, and widely naturalized elsewhere     intemperate and subtropical regions. Description: Latin Name: Oenothera biennis Manufacturing     process: Extracted by Cold-pressed method from the seeds of the herb     Oenothera biennis Appearance: Clear     yellowish oily liquid, characteristic odor.  Specification: GLA 9%, 10%  CAS No.: 90028-66-3 Active constituents: ...

Dan-shen Extract
2017-02-22Dan-shen Extract

Dan-shen Extract  Description: Latin Name: Tageteserecta L Extract Method: Extracted from dry root of S alvia miltiorrhiza Bunge  by supercritical CO 2   extraction. Specification: TanshinoneIIA 10%-90%.   Active constituents: Tanshinone I, tanshinone IIA, tanshinone IIB, protocatechuic aldehyde etc. Chemical Structure: C 19 H 18 O 3   Function: 1.  Quicken the blood, move the blood, andregulate transportation of blood fluid. 2.  Alleviate heart pain. 3.  Improve bone marrow deficiencies andinfluence the circulation. 4.  Smooth...

Ginger Oil
2017-02-22Ginger Oil

Ginger Oil Latin Name: Zingiber     officinale (Willd.) Rosc. Manufacturing     process: CO2 extraction of selected ginger roots. Specification: Our     extract has 20%-30% gingerols and special for 25% -50% 6-gingerol. Active     constituents:  volatile oil, Itmain contains zingiberene, alpha-phellandrene, α-curcumene,     camphene, neral, β- bisabolene, linalool, cineole, borneol,     zingiberol,zingiberone, shogaols, gingerols, gingerone, gingerdione and     gingerenone etc.6-Gingerol Molecular Weight: 294.386 g/mol Molecular Formula:     C17H26O4 CAS No.: 23513-14-6 IUPAC Name:  ...

Michelia Alba Oil
2017-02-22Michelia Alba Oil

Michelia Alba Oil Latin Name: Michelia Alba Manufacturing process: Extracted by steam     distillated from the fresh flower of Michelia alba DC. Active constituents:  Myrcene, limonene, eucalyptol,linalool     oxide,B-terpineol, caryophyllene, eugenol methyl ether, isoeugenolmethyl     ether andtrans-parsley alcohol. Function and application: Skin care: balance     sebum secretion, preventing acne, dry oroily skin. Physical effects:     reduce blood pressure, adjusting heart rhythm, ease ecphysesis. Help to     get rid of sexual disorder, and strengthen potency. Mental     effects: calm and relaxation, eli...

Rose Oil
2017-02-22Rose Oil

Rose Oil LatinName: Rosa rugosa Manufacturing     process: Extracted by steam distillated from the fresh flower of Rosa rugosa.   Appearance: It's     yellowish oily liquid, characteristic odor.  CAS No.: 90106-38-0 Active     constituents: Citronellol,     geraniol, nerol, linalool, phenyl ethyl alcohol, farnesol, stearoptene,     α-pinene, β-pinene, α-terpinene, limonene, p-cymene, camphene,     β-caryophyllene, neral, citronellyl acetate, geranyl acetate, neryl     acetate, eugenol, methyleugenol, rose oxide, α-damascenone, β-damascenone,     benzaldehyde, benzylalcohol, rhodinyl acetate, phenyl et...

Lovage rhizome oil
2017-02-22Lovage rhizome oil

LigusticumChuanxiong Oil. This herb is the rhizome of ligusticum chuanxiong hort. It is collectedin summer, washed clean after getting rid of the hairy rootlets, baked dry, slice, and used unprepared or stir-baked with wine. Pungent in flavour, warm in property, acting on the liver, gallbladder and pericardium channels. Ligusticum chuanxiong oil is extracted from the rhizome of ligusticum chuanxiong Hort. Umbelliferae by CO2 extracted. It is clear, reddish brown liquid. Ligustilide (CAS# 4431-01-0). IUPAC: (3Z) -3-butylidene-4,     5-dihydro-2-benzofuran-1-one. MW: 190.24/MF: C12H14O2. Senkyunolide (CAS#: 62006-39-7). IUPAC: 3-butyl-4, 5-dihydro-3H-2-benzofuran-...

Cnidium extract
2017-02-22Cnidium extract

CommonCnidium Fruit Extract It is extracted from the fruit of cnidium monnieri     (L.) cusson by SFE-CO2 extracted. Osthole: 10%-98%. CAS No.: 484-12-8. Molecular formula: C15H16O3. Molecular weight: 244.29g/mol. Osthole is natural extracted form common cnidium. Cnidium seed has been very commonly used in     formulations designed to warm the kidneys and strengthen yang energy. It is primarily used for the purpose of overcoming     sexual malaise and strengthening sexual potency. The classics repeatedly mention it as an     aphrodisiac. Inidium monnieri (L.) cuss. It is annual herb, height 30-2000px. The leaf is alte...

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