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Product Information
Name: Magnolia bark extract
Supply Ability: 5000
Minimum Order: 25
Packaging: paper drum
Brand Name: MagnoPro
Origin: China
Model No: Magnolol 2%-98%, Honokiol 2%-98%
Post Date: 2017-02-22 15:41:01
Expiry Date: 2017-03-24 15:41:01
Price: 380
Currency: USD
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: T/T
Unit: kg
Product Description
Magnolia bark extract:

Magnolia Bark Extract

  • Magnolia bark extract botany: magnolia bark     (magnolia officinalis) is a traditional Chinese medicine (where it is     known in TCM as houpu or hou po) used since 100 A.D. for treating "stagnation of     qi" (low energy) as well as a variety of syndromes, such as digestive     disturbances caused by emotional distress and emotional turmoil.


  • It is extracted from the bark of Magnolia     officinalis by CO2 extraction.

  • Product potent no.:     200810027077.

  • Active     constituents: magnolia bark is rich in two biphenol compounds, (magnolol     and honokiol), which are thought to contribute to the primary anti-stress     and cortisol-lowering effects of the plant.

  • Magnolia bark also     contains a bit less than 1% of an essential oil known as eudesmol, which     is classified as a triterpene compound, and may provide some additional     benefits as an antioxidant.

  • Magnolol 2%-98%, MW: 266.334 | MF: C18H18O2 , CAS No.: 528-43-8     Honokiol 2%-98%, MW: 266.334 | MF: C18H18O2 , CAS No.: 35354-74-6.


  • Magnolia bark is used as a general anti-stress and     anti-anxiety agent.

  • Newer claims are emerging, to link magnolia's     anti-stress benefits with control of the body's primary stress hormone,     cortisol, and the myriad health benefits associated with normal cortisol     levels Inhibit bacteria growth and viral infection.

  • Anti-dental caries and anti-periodontal disease.

  • Anti-anxiety, improves sleep and relieves insomnia.

  • Anti-tumor and anti-cancer.

  • Weight loss.

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-canker.

  • Powerful antioxidant. 

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